TREND Spring 2020 | Page 25

At least not today. You were born in the second half of the 20th century so that you would be alive for such a time as this. Now it does not hurt my feelings if you believe that life is completely random and coincidental. I just happen to believe that life is purposeful and intentional. And I make no apologies for that. I have walked and continue to walk in some places that I hope you never travel. And I fully believe that all of it has a purpose. If you were created to teach the children in another place, time, or situation, then you would not have been born when and where you were. Perhaps you were created to deal with the cell phones and benchmark testing and vapes and disrespect and TikTok and data analysis and profanity and Chromebooks and self harm and Snapchat and high stakes testing and cyberbullying and foster children and IEPs and diagnoses and SacPacs…. and the CORONA VIRUS.....And rooms full of faces for whom you are their best hope, yet you do not know exactly when you will see them again. Perhaps these are the children for whom you were created! As we approach all of the unknowns of the final stretch of this school year with all of its Google Hangouts and Zoom and meal delivery and social distancing and cancelled plans and refunded trips and virtual lessons and toilet paper stress and WORK PACKETS (bless), please tighten your grasp on your calling and remind yourself that you…. were…. created…. for…. this.....too. For such a student as this. For such a school as this. For such a time as this. ID 144210053 © Alberto Andrei Rosu |