Treasure Valley Seasonal Activities Guides Home Edition - Page 5

18 CONNECT WITH NATURE start a garden HELP YOUR COMMUNITY 20 volunteer & support small local companies SOCIALIZE & STAY CONNECTED 22 video chats & hand written letters LEARN A SKILL OR CRAFT 24 online classes & expression UNWIND 26 meditate, reflect, & journaling ACTIVE 28 at STAY home gym ELEVATE YOUR HOME 30 deep cleaning & organizing TIME 32 be QUALITY intentional with your roommates PLAN YOUR SUMMER TRIP 34 sawtooths, henry's fork, & deadwood FUN RECIPES 38 banana bread, coffee, slime GARDENING & LANDSCAPING 42 in SPRING southern idaho *Hughes Real Estate Group & Silvercreek Realty Group are not affiliated with nor sponsors of any of the events or businesses listed in this Activity Guide. AN ORIGINAL PUBLICATION | HUGHES REAL ESTATE GROUP OF SILVERCREEK REALTY GROUP | 5