Treasure Valley Seasonal Activities Guides Home Edition - Page 44

Indoor Gardens & Containers Vegetable Gardens It’s possible to complete a generously sized While a vegetable garden may seem as garden indoors within containers, as long as though the only purpose would be to produce there is adequate sun for each of the plants to vegetables, many vegetable plants may be help sustain them indoors. As there may be utilized for the intent of beautifying and plenty of space and not enough sunlight, an adding accents to the overall presentation of alternative might be to add indoor growing landscaping. Combining spaces and adding lights. The growing lights aid in compensating vegetables to landscaping is becoming for the lack of sunlight to the container garden. more and more popular among landscapers With a little research on what bulbs will work and gardeners alike. There are various best for your garden, adding plant lights will appealing qualities that a garden can bring to ideally supplement enough lighting for your landscaping, such as vibrant colors, and the seedlings to grow and flourish. Either way, it bonus of edible treats. Lining pathways with is helpful to have growing lights around as beautiful bright green and purples of various an option to give indoor plants a little extra lettuce plants, or perhaps consider combining boost when the weather outdoors isn’t ideal. a mixed array of colors with the deep reds of Container gardens are a quick remedy to tomatoes and strawberries for the ideal touch accomplishing a garden indoors and have the to landscaping that calls for a little extra pizzaz. added potential of placing containers outdoors Various vegetable plants offer the added bonus when the weather is ideal. of brighter colors such as yellows and oranges 44 | TREASURE VALLEY SEASONAL ACTIVITIES GUIDE | HOME EDITION