Treasure Valley Seasonal Activities Guides Home Edition - Page 37

island feel. There is a canopy of wildflowers that cover the the outdoors. The Deadwood Reservoir fish include Cutthroat region and brighten the surroundings with a beautiful display. Trout, Kokanee, Atlantic, Chinook, and more. For many, this remote destination could easily be described as the epitome of a tranquil environment in one of the most For those who enjoy getting outdoors to camp, there are serene locations to be found across the state. For some, a few campsites in this area to choose from. Find a mix of heading to Deadwood Reservoir is like being transported into reservable and first come first serve sites. Campgrounds a different world one without the sounds of inner-city traffic include Cozy Cove Campground, Hower’s Campground, and commotion of the hustle and bustle of busy city living. Barney’s Campground, and Riverside Campground. A bit This remote destination is one where everything slows down further out there are a few additional campsites you might and relaxation is nearly a requirement. consider such as Deer Flat Campground and Elk Creek Campground. The peak season for this area generally runs Outside of the abundant water activity opportunities and around the beginning of July to September. This destination is possibly campsite fun, possibly enjoy a picnic, find area trails, surely one that is worth the experience. old mining structures, the dam, further out there is also the Deadwood Lookout which boasts incredible scenic views. This destination is popular among many who enjoy taking out the RV, boating and canoeing, water gear, mountain bike riding, fishing, camping, photography, and simply enjoying Sources: AN ORIGINAL PUBLICATION | HUGHES REAL ESTATE GROUP OF SILVERCREEK REALTY GROUP | 37