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The sun is out, and the weather is warming up! The Spring season in Idaho is a wonderful time of year for a number of reasons, and one of those being that it is an excellent time for mapping out summer vacation plans. A couple of Idaho destinations top the charts for most popular and with good reason. For many, avoiding the most popular destinations is the purpose for a vacation, this is where Idaho shines, as many of Idaho’s most popular destinations stretch across thousands of acres. SAWTOOTH NATIONAL RECREATION AREA, IDAHO The Sawtooth Range & the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is home to incredible razor-sharp peaks, abundant wildlife, fishing, various campgrounds, lakes, trails, hot springs, as well as countless additional outdoor activity opportunities. The Salmon River makes its way through this area and is a popular destination for its fishing opportunities. The Sawtooth Range is among some of the favorites for many as it’s home to a host of trails ideal for backcountry adventures and exploration, pristine lakes, cascading waterfalls, meadows, campgrounds, and remote wilderness. Redfish Lake is one of the more commonly visited locations within the Sawtooth Range, as it boasts a lodge with cabins and water rentals. Redfish Lake offers plentiful water activity opportunities as well as the possibility to explore the Redfish Lake Trail. Additional lakes that call the Sawtooth Mountain Range home include Perkins Lake, Yellowbelly Lake, Petit Lake, Alturas Lake, Little Redfish Lake, and Stanley Lake to name a few. A few popular alpine lakes within the Sawtooth Range include Imogene Lake, Cramer Lake(s), Hell Roaring Lake, Alice Lake, Farley Lake, and Toxaway Lake. For additional things to do in the region, the Boulder Mountains and the White Cloud Mountains are situated southeast of the Stanley area. Also, these delightful ranges offer a mix of trails, lakes, and incredible scenic overlooks. Popular lakes in the White Cloud Mountain Range include Fourth of July Lake, Champion Lakes, and Boulder Chain Lakes. HENRY’S FORK NEAR ISLAND PARK, IDAHO A central stopping point, the city of Island Park, lies near numerous surrounding attractions to keep the schedule full of things to do. A few popular destinations surrounding the Island Park area include Big Springs, Henry’s Fork a tributary of the Snake River, Harriman State Park and Island Park Reservoir, Upper & Lower Mesa Falls, and the ever so famous Yellowstone National Park - West Entrance which sits around 29 miles give or take from Island Park. The city of Island Park is a neat smaller community as it boasts the largest “main street” in the world, running a total length of 33 miles. Island Park is well known as a popular vacationing destination among many who enjoy peaceful surroundings, nature, and outdoor activity opportunities. A significant contributor to the overall draw to the Island Park area is the world-class fishing that may be found in the largest spring creek of Henry’s Fork. Famous for large Rainbow Trout, enjoy a relaxing evening on the water and its peaceful surroundings, the makings for a day well spent. Island Park also attracts adventurers year-round as there are many area trails ideal for exploration and enjoyment in the warmer months, which is popular for hiking and biking as well as great snowmobiling opportunities in the colder months. AN ORIGINAL PUBLICATION | HUGHES REAL ESTATE GROUP OF SILVERCREEK REALTY GROUP | 35