Travursity Event Prospectus 2022 - Page 7


Marketing Benefits

Travursity, LLC occaisionally partners with leading travel industry marketing firms; allowing multiple databases of over 100,000+ travel agents nationwide receiving our promotions and marketing pieces. Along with an ever growing database of interested and attending travel agents; Travursity Travel Showcase is connecting with the agent sector on a high national level while continuously expanding our market exposure.

All suppliers and vendors receive continuous marketing and exposure with brand/company logo with live link on Travursity’s front website page allowing for all agents to see and click through.

Additional exposure is obtained through multiple email marketing promotions to travel agents throughout the year, as well as social media, blog updates and event pictures, resulting in repeated visibility and increased sales possibilities.

Investment Benefits

Strong travel agent markets are considered for each and every showcase to maximize attendance as well as securing active and producing agents. Travursity also looks to emerging regions with high demand to place events.

Our focus is to deliver a high ratio of producing agents via strategic industry relations and stringent vetting. All registered travel agents must verify credentials and are confirmed prior to each event allowing the suppliers and vendors to have confidence their time and effort is maximized.


Participation Benefits

All suppliers and vendors can reach new and producing travel agents during Travursity’s networking session at the beginning of each showcase. This mini-tradeshow provides ample time to develop and foster new relationships with the attending agents in a business to business environment.

Each showcase provides suppliers and vendors an opportunity to present their presentations via front of the house video projection and audio allowing for a larger than life, immersive experience for the attending agents.

Pre-event showcase presentations are an optional opportunity to exclusively engage the agents in a focused and intimate setting allowing for a more educational and thorough experience.