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"These events are the backbone of the travel industry! This is where relationships are built and developed, where new business is recognized and generated and ultimately where future growth and increased sales are realized."

As we all are enduring some of the most difficult times in recent memory, we at Travursity, LLC, parent company of Travursity Travel Showcase, Travursity Agent Experience and Travursity Agent FAM Experience are dedicated to overcoming the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented.

Although there are no simple solutions, it is important to put the safety of the travel agents and the travel partners first and foremost in front of any decisions we make regarding our future events. We continue to reassess our shows and the precautions necessary to make these events as safe as possible.

Being that there is not one set of rules to work by, and public opinion can differ greatly regarding what is appropriate; we must ascertain the risk and provide at minimum, what is considered safe practices at all our events.

Travursity, LLC will continue to take cautious measures at every event and recognize local and regional recommendations. Safe gathering practices will be employed, and active monitoring of potential signs of illness and hygiene will be conducted, and we will coordinate with the host venue and their staff to employ these guidelines as well.

As we set out to regain our foothold in the face-to-face world of live events, we hope we all can overcome these challenges appropriately while providing the necessary opportunity of producing live events once again for the travel agents, travel suppliers and the entire travel industry. These shows are vital to the rebound of this industry that has been hit so hard over the last couple of years, and it is our challenge to meet them head on and move forward in a positive direction.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Vince Yeck & Monique FitzPatrick

Owners – Travursity, LLC

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