TRAVERSE Issue 26 - October 2021 - Page 6

A world of travellers , a world of TRAVERSE ; we wouldn ' t exist without the many inspiring people who get on their bikes and ride . They ' ll all tell you they did nothing special , just something that they loved - they got on their bikes ...
In this issue of TRAVERSE -
Benji Brundin , he ' s set a world record , ridden all of Austalia ' s deserts and in one go , yet throw in a stone , a hill , a bit of bush and he ' s as nervous as hell . This time he ' s taking us to the next level , with a ride through the Australian high country .
Check out Benji ' s book Hunting Fear : The Adventure Of A Lifetime
Originally from the UK , Jeremy loves to travel , loves to bike , and loves to write . His travels have taken him all over the world discovering cultures , environments , and the politics that shape our planet ... this time he takes us to Tasmania and discovers that there could be some truth to it all ...
Chris is The Blind Scooter Guy , just a few years ago losing his eyesight Has it stopped him ? Certainly not , adventure is his life . Riding pillion , on a scooter , Chris takes us around South Africa , seeking the taste of a nation , a blind tasting ... Chris the author of a number of acclaimed books including How I Became The Blind Scooter Guy