TRAVERSE Issue 26 - October 2021 - Page 5



A Time Of Growth ?

A strange thing has been happening since the world went into lockdowns and restrictions brought on by the Covid pandemic , motorcycle sales have continued robust growth . It is a worldwide phenomenon with most countries recording comparable sales figures .

Sales in Australia has seen growth for two consecutive years , and according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries it has risen by over 8 % on the same period last year .
“ There is strong demand from buyers who want to use a motorcycle as their first choice for the daily commute and for recreation ,” suggests FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber . However , could it be that there ’ s a surplus of recreational savings and people are taking up riding as an escape from the mundane of being told to stay home ?
Motorcycles designed primarily for road use have had sales rise by around 2 %, that includes scooters while off road or recreational motorcycles have risen by well over
10 % indicating that commuting is quite likely not to be the reason people are purchasing motorcycles .
This is great for the recreational side of the motorcycle industry , flow on effects into gear , apparel , parts , etc should see the retail market also increase sales .
With borders starting to reopen around the world , and even some Australian governments starting to ease restrictions , these new or returning riders could be looking for more , adventure travel and tourism should see gradual increases that could eventually lead to new suppliers and markets opening . The next six to twelve months could be a remarkably interesting time for adventure motorcycling . And either way , easing of restrictions are a wonderful excuse to take to unridden tracks and discover a world unwitnessed for almost two years .