Travel Advisor Digital Brochures New Orleans Round-Trip - Page 17

Natchez, MS Natchez City Tour On our leisurely Natchez city tour, our expert local guide will build upon the lecture you received the night prior by our onboard historian and provide you with an insider’s perspective into the city’s rich history, and the preserved infl uences of the Native American, European, and African cultures. We’ll be greeted at the historical landmark Longwood Plantation home, famously known for remaining incomplete to this day, as the Union workers left immediately to go fi ght in the Civil War. Frogmore Cotton Gin Tour Our onboard experts tell many stories about southern life on a plantation, today you’ll see fi rst- hand what life was really like. Our insightful local guide will accompany you from the ship to the gin, and will be your escort as you explore the 1,800 acre cotton plantation. In intimate groups the plantation owners Lynette and Buddy Tanner will delve into plantation life– from the housing, music, and relationships between the owners and workers. You’ll have the opportunity to pick cotton directly from the cotton fi elds, participate in a live gospel performance, and witness the progress in cotton technology from Eli Whitney’s original gin to their modern 900 bales- per-day computerized plantation. 17