Travel Advisor Digital Brochure Northwest Pioneers Clarkston to Portland - Page 22


All of our cruises feature a delectable all-American menu which is customized to include the culinary traditions of a specific region . Each meal is developed by our master chefs who are trained in fine dining and cuisine preparation . Our chefs take time to carefully select the freshest ingredients and incorporate locally sourced seafood , meat , and produce into every meal . If you have any special requests or dietary needs , they will be handled with precision and care . The dining area on board accommodates all guests at one seating , so you are free to choose when and where you would like to eat . We also offer complimentary wine and beer during lunch and dinner . After each day of exploration , unwind during a complimentary cocktail hour with hors d ’ oeuvres and share your experiences with fellow passengers .
STEVENSON, WA PORTLAND, OR (Continued) Multnomah Falls A highlight of any trip to the Pacific Northwest, Multnomah Falls is sure to leave you in awe. After breakfast, we will journey to the second tallest waterfall in the U.S. As you wind through the thick forest, you will cross the impressive “Bridge of the Gods,” before finally reaching Multnomah Falls. Upon arrival, you will have time to explore the falls on your own, and walk the famous Benson Bridge to get the best vantage point for your photo opportunities. 22 Wilderness Trek Just as the city dwellers flock to New York City, hikers head to Portland, the outdoors mecca of the United States. Join us as we journey through the natural splendors of the only temperate rain forest in the country. Enjoy the cool, fresh air, the warmth of the sun breaking through the branches of a 200-year-old Douglas fir, and the soft sound of fallen pine needles crunching under your feet. Along the way, immerse yourself in the stories of the early pioneers and Native Americans, learn what creatures call this land home, and discover tips and tricks for spending time in the outdoors. 23