Transforming Today's World Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 8

A STAR IS BORN by Freya Pruitt Where does talent come from? Is talent developed in a university or is it taught by a special teacher? Is it discovered in a particular book or gleaned from a brilliant scholar? Is talent taught- or is talent developed? How many times have we heard the statement: “Oh, that talent is a gift from God.” But what does that really mean? Are there special people who have been gifted with special talents? And if so, how are they able to identify those talents and use them for the better good of all? Is there a way to blend talent business and heart into a hunger for excellence? Can these attributes be translated into a thriving business? Oh dear ones I know there is – and the perfect example is Jenny Forks of Bitter Creek Designs. But just like fine silver talent must be refined. After all, a gift is only a gift when it is given away- it must be used and shared with others. What better way is there to bless someone than to take that special gift and grace others with its beauty? Today’s Texas Woman is proud to present the story of this beautiful young woman- who is most assuredly graced with a special gift. Her artistic medium might be in silver but I assure you her heart is full of pure gold. Her talent is divinely inspired and her benevolent spirit lives in everything she 8 VOLUME 4 – I SSUE 1 |