Transforming Today's World Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 47

be your child-think again. The drug problem is so pervasive, it lives comfortably right in front of our faces. If we all do not wake up from our eternal state of denial we could lose our children forever. We ALL make mistakes, but there is no excuse for turning the other way. We need to confront our children and say it is not alright! We need to GET uncomfortable and be militant in our resolve to protect our family - to protect our children - to protect ourselves. GET YOUR CHILDREN TESTED!!! Do not be concerned how the results will make you look - if they test positive do something about it. I have chased many kids away from my home. They do not like me - I do not care. I will do anything and everything to bring the the light to the darkness. Life should not be a personality contest; although many times it is. Parents! Stand up and protect your children! They are using drugs in the schools. They are using drugs at Soccer game and they are using drugs at home! These kids are from good homes - they are not the gangs and thugs. They could be your children or grand-children. They can easily hide behind good grades, doing their chores, being polite and saying all the right things. Of course we want to believe our children are perfect - but nobody is perfect. Good grades are not everything! You can have a 4.00 GPA WHILE you are still stoned! Kids are inquisitive and want to fit in. With the immediacy of the web, kids can find anything at any time! If their friends are doing it, they want to do it - AND they want to share the “good news” with EVERYONE! Do you have any clue what they are viewing? It might shock you to know that predators freely search the web contacting thousands of unsuspecting, naive good kids each day. These are our kids in our homes on our computers. As you watch TV or read a book before dinner, your child may be talking to a predator. If you do not monitor the computer it is like inviting a thief in for dinner. We need to wake up. These kids are smarter than us. They know how to maneuver the web. Parental controls only go so far. They can circumvent them in one second through Google. They can get to any Porn site in ten seconds! Kids have become so DE-sensitized, they think it's funny! They are USED to chopping off heads in Video games. They are used to seeing movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They are used to “pretending” to feel. So many of these kids laugh as they see an entire family killed in a horror movie. In this High-Tech world, nothing is scared! If these kids are glued to Google, Video games and cell phones virtual reality has BECOME reality! It is not too late to save our children-to save ourselves-to save our country. But we must start now. Start by really LOOKING at their cell phones. Ask yourself this question; Do you want your children giving their personal information out to strangers on “My Space?” You would be dumfounded at how many kids freely share their most intimate personal information through e-mails accessed through their cell phones. Texting has become an obsession! But Texting is NOT talking! Texting is typing a message to convey information. It requires NO voice, no human touch, no accountability, no responsibility. It is evasively intrusive to the human mind and spirit. It is not a form of “HUMAN” communication. Think about it- a teenager is synonymous with a telephone! How many times have we all called out to them: “Get off the phone-it's time for dinner!” When you think of teenagers talking on the phone don't you think of them giggling, talking about their friends, school, dating, etc? When you tell them to get off the phone don't they usually moan and say: “OK, Mom!” That groan is usually followed with the usual: “I have to go to you later.” Well, think about it - how many of you hear that anymore? Texting is silent - you will never know who they are talking to or what they are saying. The days of enjoying giggling teenagers on the phone is over. Talking has turned into texting and texting can be very destructive in the hands of young inexperienced children. We live in a dangerous DE-sensitized world that has become a computerized mine field waiting to entice the unexpecting child into Cyber Space. People wake up - Cyber Space is NOT human! It was created BY humans as a form of information - not emotion. Speaking and touching, knowing and understanding, crying and laughing - hugging those are the things that separate humans from machines. Help bring emotion and intimacy back. I miss hearing the sound of my child's voice. Advocate for communication through speech! When your kids' entire life becomes a texting hypnotic trance, take the phone away! Texting can become an addiction that produces instant gratification that can have no end. It is not innocent fun. And innocence lost can never be found again. It is a terrible thing to lose-for all of us. STAND UP AMERICA....FIGHT B  ,