Transforming Today's World Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 4

Meet Ambassador Dee Dee Jimenez The RIM’s Hidden Treasure When you think of hospitality, beauty, and comfort, you will probably think of home. There is nothing quite like coming home for Thanks-Giving Day Dinner, or dashing through bright white snow as you rush to Grand-ma’s house to enjoy the aroma of hot apple pie. Nothing says excitement, love and comfort, like family. And nobody represents family better than San Antonio native, and The Rims' Operations' Manager, Dee Dee Jimenz. Being the operation's manager for The Rim, is no small feat. When I first met the local beauty, I was intrigued with her intelligence and her deep sense of commitment. 4 VOLUME 4 – I SSUE 1 | m It takes one powerful lady to run this vast 300 acre, multi-facitied center of eclectic charm. The Rim is filled with magnificent shopping, great restaurants, fabulous entertainment, and offers an International array of activities. There is only one Rim -and only one Dee Dee Jimenez! It is obvious that Dee Dee has a strong commitment to something very special. Within a few minutes of meeting her, I knew I was speaking to the special person who made this huge undertaking all come together. But what does “Operations Manager” really mean? Is this just a “title” or is this a title run by a real person with a real purpose? When you meet Dee Dee, the answer if perfectly clear; Dee Dee's purpose is to serve-to serve all people who grace The Rim with their presence. This head of operations takes her responsibility to the public seriously. Dee Dee truly is The Ambassador to The Rim. She is the the head of superior customer service. She is the “head” behind the scenes that keep things running smoothly. But most importantly, she is the head Ambassador of the heart. As you enter The Rim, she is the one who makes you feel like family. She heads up this “royal” family undertaking ,and is the head of making The Rim one of the most spectacular centers in America. Her goal is to impart a feeling of family, community, and a personal experience to all shoppers.But come on now; could this be real? You bet it is! Rim Royalty is alive and well and living in the hearts of people who are blessed by an experience unparal-