Transforming Today's World Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 31

record player. With trembling hands you put the needle to the record and the music began to play: “ Smile even though you’re aching…smile though your heart is breaking…although a tear is ever so near….if.. you…smile…through your tears and sorrow-smile there will be tomorrow.” At that moment we both knew- there would be no tomorrow. You stood frozen like a statue as you looked at me. You just knew. As I closed my eyes for the last time I took you in my arms and we began to dance. The floor began to disappear as our feet left the ground. I felt such peace-like a warm blanket was wrapped around my shoulders. I could feel your gentle spirit envelope my heart forever. I know a part of you left with me. I can’t really explain it but I knew the familiar feeling-the comfort-the love. You had given me my last wish- a dance with my sweetie- if only in my dreams. Quite a few years have past but you still go to my grave and play “Smile.” Of course, it is now with a portable CD player- but it is still the same song! Sweet girl please hear me: I pray you go on with your life. Dancing with a dream is only that-a dream. I loved you with all of my heart-now you have to love me enough to let me go. swayed as the words guided our steps; “Smile though your heart is aching…smile even though it’s breaking...although a tear may be ever so near…” Whew - what a song. From that moment on it became our song. It was like we had always danced together. One, two, three…swaying , dancing- falling into each other arms. Oh my: What a dance…what a love…what a life! What a darn shame! Why does it have to end? Damn this cancer! Damn this cancer! As I awoke I knew something was different . Usually I felt at peace- but this time my heart was pounding in terror. My God, where are you?! What's going on? Oh, NO! Not now- this can't be happening! Please.. ..there’s not much time. Please come-it is time. I need you. I need to feel you, to touch you- to smell the perfume in your hair. I need to take a part of you with me- on me. Please come…there is not much time. As the sun streamed through my window my eyes opened one last time to see the most beautiful face I had ever seen. Time had no hold on you-you were as beautiful as the first day I saw you. Somehow you knew it was time for me to go. As you dropped the tray of tea and cookies and ran to my side, I will never forget the sound of that gasp coming straight out of your soul. Your head rested on my chest as your warm tears fell upon my hands. I stroked your hair one last time. Thank God- your perfume would escort me straight into heaven. As night began to fall I pulled you close to my lips and whispered “Smile.” You became very still as you tried to stand up. You always knew what I wanted. I could not say it but you knew-and ran directly to the old It is time for you to live. Don’t look back and grieve. Look ahead with a grateful heart and know, to the depth of your soul, we will meet again. I will be waiting for you-yes, with our favorite song escorting you back into my arms. Sweet girl-you were everything to me- now go on ݥѠ