Transforming Today's World Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 30

The a Pruitt y Frey nce t Da Las b “Boy, it was hard to breathe today.” Sometimes I wonder if it is worth going on anymore. Then you walk in the room and everything changes. There you are- smiling that bright smile-bringing me ice tea and cookies…always taking care of me.... always loving me. I can only hope you know how much I love you. You are such a part of me-it is as though you have become my life. When people begin completing each others sentences I guess they have reached a point where they are simply one person. The truth is- we reached that point the moment we met. What a journey! We have learned to like the same food, the same wine-we even learned to like the same old movies! And yes! I have to tell the truth- I have cried a few tears sitting right next to you. Remember the original Pink Panther movie? We had to hold onto each other because we were laughing so hard. The Popcorn went 30 VOLUME 4 – I SSUE 1 | m flying across the room and we laughed till' we cried. We finally collapsed together on the floor exhausted from picking up hundreds of kernels from the carpet. Such a simple experience- with such a profound effect. I guess there is just no real way to explain it ; love is just love. My only real concern is how I will go on without you and what you will do without me. Death is really UN-fair. I am not afraid – I just don’t want to leave you. It would be great if we could go together: You know, dancing into heaven the way we danced on earth? What a rush that would be! But alas, we all know life and death are never fair. Sorry my love- I am getting really tired – time to sign off for now. I think I will close my eyes and drift off into a place of bliss…my memories of you. As I slip into sleep I always have the same dream. I go back to the first time I ever saw you. Remember that run down old dance hall? Boy did we kick up some dust! I remember it just like it was yesterday. I entered the front door with my high school buddies as you bashfully entered with your girlfriends. Come on – you remember: The giggling, the smiling- the blushing at the boys. Well come to think of it, I take that back! I would like to believe you ONLY looked at me! Dear one, I will leave this earth believing that was true. Oh, you beautiful girl- I knew you were the one the first minute I saw you. It was your smile then and it is your smile now. I walked across the dance hall and looked into those big green eyes and knew instantly: This was it- this was forever. Remember that old song “Smile?” That was our first dance. We