Transforming Today's World Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 18

experienced, was my Grandmother putting on her Boyar costume to sing in the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian gatherings. There was so much ceremony and beauty-if she had only know her precious Ma-Ma was a Countess – if she would have only known - she was a Countess. I wonder now how their lives would have played out in a royal arena. But my Grandmother was not one for airs-she was a hard worker and focused my Mother’s life on achievement. Her royal costume was just that; a costume. Little did my mother know she would be living the Cinderella story of all time. After leaving Russia my Grandmother settled in Detroit Michigan with her two daughters Nadia and Ann - my mother Luba was still in Russia with her beloved Grandfather and Grandmother. “Countess” Katherine Lebedez went to work in a factory and soon married another Russian factory worker; It was now time to send for Luba. So the ticket was sent and Luba was put on the boat to cross the Atlantic - alone- at only 8 years of age. 18 VOLUME 4 – I SSUE 1 | m Her trip was to be interrupted by a nasty case of The Chicken Pox and she was forced to spend a couple of weeks in a London hospital-alone. But that didn’t keep this young Countess down! When she recovered, she jumped on another boat and proudly sailed into New York harbor to rendezvous with a Mother she hardly even knew. Imagine! Here was this eight year old child going through Ellis Island protocol-alone. There was a full day of red tape and health exams shared among hundreds of strangers that waited in never ending lines. As this little girl entered America she was ushered into the arms of her Mother who waited anxiously on the dock. The re-union was bitter sweet for my Mother. She missed her grand-parents and homeland. But remember…she came from