Transforming Today's World Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 16

by Freya Pruitt THE COLD WIND WHISTLES THROUGH THE TREES AS IT FREEZES ANY GLIMMER OF HOPE. The Bolsheviks are coming; the Bolsheviks are coming!…grab your children and run…run as fast as you can! As hundreds of racing feet hit the cold ice, gunshots are heard crackling through the branches in the frozen forest. Icicles form on the breath of terrified people as they run into the night. They no longer have a home or a warm place to lay their heads. They have lost everything-their family, their children, their homes, their land-everything; everything but their heritage, courage and indomitable spirit. As my Grandmother wildly raced through the forest she held her two children tightly by the hand. “Run…Run! We must get to the train!” As 16 VOLUME 4 – I SSUE 1 | m her lungs burned from the cold she quick ly looked behind her and saw the flames racing towards her feet. “My God in Heaven! They are burning the forest to the ground! Oh My God… help me! Help me get to the train…let me get to the train; please help me escape-help me save my children!” It seemed like months as my grand-mother raced towards freedom. In reality it was only hours… a lifetime racing by - trying to reach the last train leaving Poland. My Grandmother knew first hand that Siberia is a cold and unforgiving land. Her everyday life was filled with the harsh realities of survival. She lost three of her six children to Diphtheria and SmallPox. She took care of dying friends and family with fearless courage and determination-she was always the designated care-taker and she gladly