Transforming Today's World Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 10

phenomenon to see and feel. As women are “oohing and ahing” over her jewelry there are people enjoying beading classes in the back while ecstatic shoppers are getting assistance with choosing the right piece for the right outfit. Some may be shopping for a special occasion or a special gift but there is definitely something for everybody. I find it amazing that you could wear one of Jenny’s beautiful necklaces with a sweater and jeans and the very next day wear the same piece to a formal ball! There are not a lot of designers who could pull off a jewelry faux pas to that extreme! Bitter Creek Designs is a new dimension in design – a new dimension in dramatic presentation-a new dimension that can bring out the real you. When you put on a j.forks design its remarkable presence touches your body with an elegant relaxed feel. A great piece of jewelry can make all the difference as you enter a crowded room. Confidence comes from the heart but beauty can enhance a person with charisma and true charm. Jewelry can be intoxicating when it adorns a beautiful soul – especially when it has been crafted by the gifted hands of Jenny Forks. Jenny’s creations must be experienced to be fully appreciated. If you are looking for a sophisticated “Vogue” look, a fine art design, or a relaxed casual style you will find a one-of-a -kind creation suited just for you. Jenny’s eclectic talent could easily grace the bodice of a queen – dress up a diplomat’s suit – or add a little “sass” to a corporate executive. I believe eclectic design is the true sign of greatness. Whether you are a Mom, secretary, celebrity, international financier, or going off to college you will find an appropriate design suited just for you. With this extraordinary talent you would think Jenny had attended a top Fashion Institute or had a Masters Degree in Design from a leading university. Well; get ready for the shocker of all time! Jenny is totally self-made, self-taught and self- 10 VOLUME 4 – I SSUE 1 | sufficient. She had no investors, no formal training and no real business support system – until she married her husband Kris. Jenny’s talent is a God given gift and she will be the first one to tell you that God is her rock and her foundation –“everything comes from Him.” It is her faith and love that has propelled her into this special place in her personal life and into the International arena of major success. But don’t forget –Jenny is still a Texas girl! Born and raised in Beeville by loving parents Bill and Gwenyth Burris, Jenny was instilled with strong family values and faith. She is extremely close to her entire family and they are thrilled with her success. It is obvious this dedicated family has conveyed courage and inner strength to their beloved Jenny. She has gracefully positioned herself at the top of her game and is ready to take on the world. This gentle Texas girl has left the country and has firmly planted her feet on the road to stardom! Don't be surprised to see her struttin’ her designs on the greatest runways in the world. Jenny’s indomitable spirit, extraordinary talent and dedication to helping others, is the strength that fuels her creative genius. Her intellect and heart make her the total package for success. Don't wait too long to visit Bitter Creek Designsa special design is waiting just for you. Go receive the gift of that electric smile-I promise you will leave with a special blessing. Beauty doesn't have to fade with time- it can live on in a custom design-hand crafted with a strong loving heart. Treat yourself with a gift of enduring beauty- treat yourself to Jenny Forks...treat yourself to....Bitter Creek Designs. We Salute You JENNY FORKS! Take Your Rightful Position In The Stars!