TRANSFORMATION. Fall 2017/Spring 2018 - Page 22

Field of Stones Jordan Jones There's something about this field of stones. It is not the flowers, nor the bones, but a spirit of remembrance come as souls both noble and base we reverence. We honor them with flowers, rocks, and words, crosses, stars, and sepulchers— our monuments to those interred. All other deeds forgotten, their names alone remain. One stone bears this script, engraved in snowy white: “Righteous among the nations”—oh fearless man of light! “The unforgettable lifesaver of 1200 persecuted Jews”— who, in the face of risks to life, himself did not recuse. And just as they give praise to him, who fame and glory won, let us give higher praise to Him—the Son, the Holy One— and write in stony hearts a sacred vow this day: “Righteous among all nations, the Light, the Life, the Way, Eternal Savior of countless wandering souls— from Thee I’ll never stray!” And when one day our time is through they’ll lay us down to rest, and etch in stone a line or two— what we’ve in them impressed. *** And when your life’s reduced to words, what few things will they write? There's something about this field of stones. There's something about this field of stones. Jordan Jones is a first year PhD student in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. This poem was inspired by the grave of Oskar Schindler, depicted on the opposite page. 20 Spring 2018