Transformation - Annual Report 2015 - The Harris Center - Page 5

IDD - Intellectual and Development Disability Care and Supports helped close the service gap for individuals who have mental health needs in addition to IDD Individuals with mental illness and/or a substance abuse diagnosis along with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) require special care and attention. Many of them are not able to verbalize their feelings or needs, and externalize their behaviors in ways that can cause anxiety and serious concerns. The lack of community services to treat these complex cases, paired with the relatively low number of clinicians who have the expertise necessary to meet this special need, result in a growing request for immediate intervention from families in crisis. Our Specialized Therapies and Rehabilitative Services program served approximately 516 individuals. In addition, the 24/7 IDD Crisis Team treated 205 cases. From triage to coordinating medical care and linkage to appropriate resources, the team has developed a collaborative support system within Harris Center programs and community supports to help stabilize the situation and lessen the trauma the individuals and their families can experience. Through empathetic and supportive interventions that also help expand the knowledge about IDD among professionals, the IDD Crisis programs are preventing unnecessary inpatient admission and readmissions to restrictive institutions and the criminal justice system. DSRIP Collaborations that increased our impact strengthened partnerships that benefit the individuals we serve Partners that supported our DSRIP initiatives: Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults Pasadena Independent School District’s The Summit, • UTHealth Harris County Psychiatric Center • Alternative, Beverly Hills Intermediate and Tegeler Houston Independent School District’s Paul schools • Career Center • Spring Branch Independent Revere Middle, Sam Houston High, Roderick Paige School District’s West Support Center • Alief Elementary, Ray K. Daily Elementary, Shadowbriar Independent School District’s Killough Middle School Elementary, Ed White Elementary, Forest Brook • City of Houston Multi Service Centers West End and Middle School • Channelview Independent School District’s Magnolia • Magnificat Houses Inc. • The Lighthouse of Alice Johnson, Junior High Houston Total individuals served through our DSRIP projects WORKFORCE GROWTH, NEW MEMBERS OF THE TEAM New employees joined our team to help support our exponential growth in operations. From 1,897 employees our team grew to 2,149 in this 12-month period. In addition to the move project to relocate to 9401 Southwest Freeway, we received 1 million dollars of donated furniture for the cost of furniture layout and planning ($50,000) and move costs ($55,000) - a cost of 10 cents for a dollar’s worth of value. MORE ROOM FOR THE NEW AND ENHANCED SERVICES Southwest Freeway is the address of our most recently added location, a 12-story building that houses over 800 employees that support clinical and administrative operations. Three outpatient mental health clinics, pharmacy, accounting, human resources and another 40+ departments are housed at the 214,033 square foot building that replaced the 6-floor building and conference facility at 7011 and 7033 Southwest Freeway. The move process required months of planning for a smooth transition. The timing could not be better, as we desperately needed the additional space to grow. With a purchase price of about $44.79 per square foot, the total cost for the project - including purchase, remodel, infrastructure and improvements - was $22,057,258 - an exceptional deal to support our service expansion. Annual Report 2015 | Transformation | 3