Training Magazine Middle East March 2015 - Page 36



So EI (Emotional Intelligence) seems to be the new trend for people development nowadays. Most managers I speak to think about EI as just a tool to build a more positive team or healthier work environment. But EI is about so much more than this! This article focuses on the purely pragmatic‎: tangible results, profits and promotions!

Businesses don't promote people who are just 'nice'; they promote people who get things done through others – particularly the people whom others will follow to increase brand awareness, productivity and profitability. EI can help you be that person. That is, a true leader who can benefit his organisation, his team and make more money by securing the next promotion or regularly getting a good commission or bonus. And as you move up the ladder, EI can help you retain this performance (for more on this topic, see Why Leaders Lack Emotional Intelligence by Dr Travis Bradberry -

How? Here are 4 secrets that successful managers know about using the core skills of EI:

1. What kind of manager are you? Start with self-awareness. When you understand who you are as a people manager, you can then use your natural abilities and work on your ‎communication challenges. For example, a more results-oriented manager may view team members as ‘agents’ to get things done (left brain). If this is you, then you may need to develop the more empathetic (right) side of your brain to be on the same page as the other right-brainers within your team.

Right-brainers may perceive a left-brain communication style as being ‘forceful’ rather than collaborative in trying to achieve team goals. If you were a more right-brain manager working with left-brained competitive, goal-driven people then you would also need to adjust your communication style to win their support.



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