Training Magazine Middle East March 2015 - Page 32

Debbie Nicol is the MD of business en motion

Tell Us More About Yourself?

Well where do I start – yes, I am the Managing Director of ‘business en motion’, a business consultancy and learning organization, serving the GCC including Saudi Arabia from our base in Knowledge Village, celebrating 10 years this year! Yet the journey started many years before; once upon a time, a small curious girl came into this world, full of vigor, unable to wait to see beyond every hill, turn over every rock and walk into and through every challenge…..and the story remains aligned completely til today!!

What made you launch ‘business en motion’?

That sense of exploration was the very driver for the creation of ‘business en motion’. I see so much misalignment in the corporate world, and truly feel it does not have to be that way. True leadership is based on two criteria:

Believing passionately that a situation can be achieved better, faster, more efficiently or creatively forging hope for a better future

Thereafter, being prepared to do something about it; in fact there is simply no option not to move forward! (hence our motto ‘moving businesses and leaders ahead)

These two criteria create movement and energy and simply become the backbone for all that we do. The analogy we refer to often is the ‘red thread’, knowing that connectivity serves; it aligns all business activity to contribute to progress and potential!

Hence with the hope that the corporate world can realign in the name of service to all equally, our mission became centered around change – change in performance, efficiency, effectiveness, directions, behaviours and choices we make.

What’s different about ‘business en motion’ that would add values others cannot?

We delve deeply and ask the right questions and even have the tough conversations when needed; decision-makers are our key indicators of partnership credibility. ‘business en motion’ co-creates in-house capability and transfers full responsibility; our success must sustain well beyond our presence and training.

We convert difficult concepts into simplicity; there’s even complexity in today’s business without adding more! We work systematically and holistically – nothing works in isolation.

Our consultancy services depend on learning and the learning will often open up more consultancy; an integrated approach offers a true win-win for both the client and ‘business en motion’

What’s had your attention and energy lately?

A few projects we’ve been working on would include:

Team Strengthening – it was time for extra synergy; the team were doing well yet could achieve more

Executive Development Program – a fusion of knowledge, with guided implementation through coaching

A growing company was experiencing conflict as it moved through conflict; we facilitated them to separate the emotions from the issue, and move forward

Co-creating a changing process-orientated service cycle, and embedding the change into the culture

Training ‘The Leadership Challenge’ and Balanced Scorecard

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