Trails Manitoba Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018_1 - Page 12

Member Report This historic trail was established in 1970 to celebrate Manitoba’s Centennial and has been developed and maintained through the years by local Scouts and Girl Guides. The trail begins just east of Caddy Lake on the south side of Hwy 44 and travels west to the Alf Hole Goose Sancturary. The trail is 37.0 kms in length with options for varied hiking distances. The Centennial Trail offers a unique adventure as it is marked by Inukshuks or Cairns (piles of rocks) accompanied by arrow signs. This rugged trail will take hikers through the majestic Canadian Shield landscape. Hikers will climb steep ridges of granite in- terspersed with lush valleys; traverse beaver dams; cross numerous tiny streams; pass through the quiet stillness of the lush sphagnum moss bogs; and view tiny lakes and water lily ponds. There are numerous access points to the trail from Hwy 44 allowing hikers of all skill levels to enjoy this trail. Access points with parking are located at: Telford Pond, Bear Lake Hiking Trail, McGillivray Falls Trail and directly across from the Caddy Lake Campground. Cairns or inukshuks are piles of rock used by the Inuit people to serve as directional markers to guide those who followed Hanson’s Creek 2017 Hanson’s Creek Bridge Pier Solutions installation 2018/2019 Annual Report -2018 Year in Review p.12