Trails Manitoba Annual Report 2017 Annual Report 2 | Page 8

Member Report Crow Wing Trail The Crow Wing Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba, connecting Winnipeg to Emerson at the Canada-U.S. Border. It closely follows the route of a Red River Ox-Cart Trail used in the mid-1800’s. For years, the Trail was tucked away in history. Since 1999 however, it has enjoyed a revival in interest thanks to the Trans Canada Trail dream. Volunteers from five rural municipalities and one First Nation south of Winnipeg created the Crow Wing Trail Association and have since demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to developing today’s Crow Wing Trail. Today’s Trail connects communities using country roads, community parks, bush and pasture trails, dikes and road allowances. The result is a 193-km adventure with a rich history, diverse geography and friendly communities. For those living in an urban setting or outside of Manitoba, the Crow Wing Trail provides a multi-use pathway allowing a connection with the natural world in this part of the province. While much has changed with settlement, many areas remain as they were hundreds of years ago. Partnerships Our partners give us the incentive to keep doing what we do. Our most important partners are our five municipalities and Roseau River First Nation. Their annual memberships support our operations and provide us with leveraging dollars. Actif Epica keeps us going during the winter, with their annual event on the long weekend of February. In 2016, it became a qualifier for the Iditarod Trails Invitational in Alas- ka. We got to meet racers from all over North America and beyond who appreciated all the work we did on the Trail. The Morris Cadets are getting ready to identify and establish camping spots at regular intervals along the Trail, that they can also use for their survival training. Trail Access Points There are 10 access points along the 193 km of Trail. * Blue Trans Canada Trail/Sentier transcanadien signs on provincial roads * Access Point Signs * Trailhead Signs, historical and modern maps 3 installed in 2017: Emerson, Ridgeville and Senkiw Bridge South Access A strategic planning session was held in March, with many of our friends and supporters participating. Our goal to be sustainable is surely within our grasp! Annual Report -2017 Year in Review p.8