Trails Manitoba Annual Report 2017 Annual Report 2 | Page 2

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT The past year has presented significant challenges for Trails Manitoba but has also seen incredible achievement. Our most enduring challenge was and is the search for ongoing funding. 2017 was the last year of funding from the province, and the amount received was far less than in the previous three years. As it developed its own post- connection strategy, TCT was unsure of the support it could offer to its regional partners. Trails Manitoba had some uncertain moments as we discussed our service agreement with TCT, resolving positively early in the new year. Fortunately, helping us navigate a year of change was the longest period of office stability we’ve enjoyed in a long while. The presence of Steve, Darcy and Janette has provided TM with a consistent voice in discussions with trails groups, the province and TCT and I thank them for all they have done and continue to do. Of course, the biggest news of the year was connection of The Great Trail in Manitoba and across the country. For a long time it felt like 2017 was never going to arrive. As we worked toward connection, the pressure and anticipa- tion leading up to it often clouded the passing of time. It was both speeding by too quickly and dragging on far too long. As these things often do, now that the year has come and gone it is hard to really remember the effort and eagerness of the years prior. April 2017-April 2018 President/Secretary Ian Hughes Treasurer Shirley Hurst Grants Com. Chair Alex Man Directors Verna Hare Charles Zant Wayne Arsney Brent Buss Howard Skrypnyk James Benson The year also saw Steve and Darcy work with TCT and the Forks Market site to help replace the TCT display formerly located in the Tourism Manitoba pavilion. The opportunity to create a tribute to The Great Trail in one of the most visible and visited locations in the country appears ready to come true in 2018. We also met two new members of the TCT staff team, Kristen Gabora and Mathieu Roy. Kristen and Mathieu have already begun to work closely with TM and we look forward to continued collaboration. Building on work begun in 2016, we have increased Board membership and participation and continue to do so. Many thanks particularly to Steve and Alex Mann, himself a new Board member just last year, for attracting so many new and resourceful individuals to the organization. Challenges remain for us. Although the trail is connected, it is not complete. Sections remain where travel is not as easy or direct as we would like. Maintenance and upkeep on a 15,000 kilometre network of trails continue to prove difficult. And although we have benefited from stability and growth in the office and at the Board, 2018 brings term ends and changes we have not fully resolved. This will be my last AGM as President of Trails Manitoba. Thank you all for opportunity to walk (and ride, and paddle) with you on this journey to connect the country. Ian Hughes President Annual Report -2017 Year in Review p.2