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Part 2: The Subsidence Post So we’re in a lettuce field. Now what? Whoa! Hang on to your hats, folks! Where did you learn to fly, Archimedes, the circus??? Have you ever tried to haul a bunch of oranges? It’s not easy. Well, you could have at least gotten us closer. Florida soils are perfect for lettuce. Why? Lettuce grows best in muck soils. Problem is, we’ve been losing the farmable muck soils. Why? Follow me. Why? ...Hey, wait for me! Sometimes in life, it’s good to take a bird’s-eye view. Not all crops in Florida are orange trees. Let us go see. But Archimedes, I don’t even see any crops down there. “Lettuce!” I get it! Ha, ha... Wow! A big ruler! How tall am I, Archimedes? That’s not quite how it works.