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Part 7: Wrapping Up and Heading Home Our lunch and dinner speakers are great – we’re learning about water quality and what it’s like to work in the Everglades Agricultural Area. Our dinner location is right off the lake. I could stay here forever... except that I’ve got to get back and share everything I’ve learned! See you later, alligator! It’s time to go home. Welcome home, Archimedes! How was it? Clem, it was fantastic! The Everglades are right off of the EAA, so growers work to keep soil and nutrients on their crop fields and out of the Everglades. They’ve stepped up to the challenge and implemented Best Management Practices. Growers in the Everglades Agricultural Area can name a whole list of Best Management Practices that they use on their farms. Each practice is chosen specifically to be effective on that particular farm. They overcome challenges, benefit local ecosystems and improve the productivity of their farms. It’s a unique story, and I’m glad I was able to hear it. That’s especially impressive because Florida is an agricultural leader in several areas. Hundreds of thousands of acres in the EAA are devoted to feeding people around the country, and growers work hard to use conservation agriculture on every acre.