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Part 5: Stormwater Treatment Area and Gladeview Stops Here at the Gladeview stop is a pump station, which is part of a Best Management Practices program. There are also owl boxes, rice and vegetables. Our first stop is one of the local stormwater treatment areas. These wetlands filter the water from nearby farms and provide a habitat for native wildlife. pump It’s no wonder wildlife are drawn here. Check out all of that tasty vegetation! Owl boxes are placed right next to cropland, so that the owls prey on rodents that might harm the crops. It’s a win-win situation, especially for me, since I get to see my owl friends on the tour! Archy, it’s been so long! Shh! Don’t call me that! But vegetation isn’t the only thing on the menu. Farmers in the area choose from a “menu” of best management practices so that they use practices that suit their farms and achieve their water quality goals. Say cheese! I mean, rice! Anybody want some salad?