Vexed Continued e I begged my mom to take me to go see them. So when I was 14, she took me by myself, bless her, to go see them. And then I loved it so much, she took me again the night after somewhere else in the country. And it was just being in that mosh pit, Bring Me the Horizon, where I was just like, I didn’t feel alone, I didn’t feel like the outcast. I wasn’t somebody who everybody knew was bul- lied. I wasn’t the weirdo. I just felt at home, and I just felt complete peace. And again, it was like that moment of when we get in the car, and we go drive, and we listen to a suspect. Yeah. This is this is my safe place. I would remember just watching all the sights and just being like, you are coolest human being on this earth. And I want to do what you do. “Never let anyone keep you down or put you down or make you feel like you’re less than.” - Megan Your track “Hideous” almost speaks to you in tones and colors like blood in a heartbeat, like the video projects. MEGAN: Yeah, 100%. I mean, you’ve kind of said it all. So the idea behind “Hideous” was, I don’t know, if you’ve ever had a moment where you’re so angry and wound up, somebody pisses you off so much that you get in your car, and you sit there. You’ve got the engine running, and you’re like, I have two options. I can go find this person and regret my decisions, or I can turn the engine off and just go back in the house. Is that a moment of when you’re turn- ing red? Absolutely. And that’s what we wanted to base the videos on, seeing red and those moments of pure anger and hatred and everything is just seeing red. And so for us, we kind of wanted to use the Reds 10 on everything to kind of replicate or, you know, stand for that. And then the guy who we chose, So Adam from Purple Yam, he’s our videographer. He is a huge horror movie fanatic, the biggest nerd for it. He’s one human being, and we were just like, this is what we see. Now can you make it look really cool and like a horror film? And he’s had the best time of his life. He must because we’re like more fake blood. Do you want to? Do you want to chop up some raw pork? Yeah, do it like, the pork the maggots all that. Megan Targett appears courtesy of Napalm Records. Photo Credits: Andy Fords Page 83