NOCON’s NEXT VEXED SET TO RELEASE GUT-TWISTING OFFERING ON MAY 21ST. “CULLING CULTURE.” Fast-rising UK based upstarts VEXED have been checking off boxes as the next big name in aggressive-yet-progressive modern metal, and have just released one of their most ruthless offerings yet: the gut-punching, absorbing third single “Misery”. The standout single is cut from the band’s upcoming album, Culling Culture, out May 21 via Napalm Records. “Anxiety is a demon powerful enough to posses anyone and can leave the strongest of us feeling helpless. “Misery” is an inner monologue of an anxiety riddled mind constantly overanalysing and catastrophising. Taking inspiration from a spectrum of genres, this track is a true musical representation of how drastically our thoughts can change from one moment to the next, often ending in confusion and “Misery”. Scott Nocon in a personal interview with Megan from Vexed. Serious Merch for the Serious Artist. Lets face it, in todays marketplace you need to secure your fanbase and nothing says that better than quality, unique and affordable merchandise. 99WNRR®, The SuperBad® and The Launch Pad Live are all exclusive clients of Buy Your Local Music. “I have been a creative director for over 25 years and quality to me is the only thing that sets the SERIOUS PLAYERS from the posers. Buy Your Local Music is a difference maker in the marketplace” - RTFX What’s the message that you want to get out there in this song? What does it mean to you personally, being the next generation of female fronted bands? Also just to metal in music as a whole? MEGAN: So the inspiration behind this was half and half, it was kind of between the situation that we find ourselves in the UK with the Coronavirus, and Brexit happening and all that crap. But it was mostly inspired by an individual who was a friend of the family for a very, very long time, and was very good at playing victim, very good at manipulating my family and using their looks. And they’re, I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a cow, but they were just very, very good at gaslighting my family and making them do whatever they wanted. When the reality was that they were actually just manipulating them and didn’t give a damn about what any of my family you know, were going through. So it was kind of like, when people become so used to being treated badly, so used to just negativity and, you know, sorry, I left my phone on si- lent. There we go. Yeah, so when, you know, people are just so used to being treated like crap that you just take it as normal. And this was kind of my way of being like, no, no, you don’t get to treat me and my family like that. And I see you for exactly what you are. You might be pretty on the outside, but on the inside, it’s not much going on in there. MEGAN: Partly, I feel like well, I don’t really want to speak about it, because we shouldn’t be seen as a novelty and it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t have a limelight on it, be- cause then that means that there aren’t enough of us and then it means that we’re not equal to the men and you know, I’m kind of conflicted in that way. But then the other side of me thinks, well, the actual reality of the situation is, there are less of us because a lot of us get treated like shit on this journey, right? And it takes a lot of guts for women to stand up for themselves and say, no, we are equal. And we deserve to be here just as much as any other person does no matter what they identify as. So in that respect, I feel incredibly privileged and incredibly lucky to be able to be on this platform where all these other amazing women are. I feel quite a bit of pressure at the same time. Because, you know, unfortunately, my (Continued on next page) Vexed FB Vexed Twitter Vexed Site Buy Vexed Music Page 57