NOCON 9 FROM THE DESK OF THE NOCONSIDERATION RADIO SHOW COMES THE NEW, NOCON 9! Felt Side Out York, Pennsylvania is where these 5 guys of all things metal hail from, with a fan base like NO other. Upon talking to the band, you learn very quickly that they are all about “be- ing true and original”. As Jimi indicated, who just happens to be the lead singer said “There are more than enough cover bands out there”, and I couldn’t agree more. During a recent interview with Jimi, Jason, Graz, Jimmy and Tyler they each basically said the same thing. “As long as our music can reach the depths of your soul and has meaning, then we’ve done our jobs. We couldn’t say The NoCoN 9 without men- tioning FeltSideOut. Since debuting on the countdown 8 weeks ago, all they have done is sit alone at the top spot week after week. Not only have they continued to garner the most votes week after week, they also take the time each week to drop into the chatroom during the show and interact with other listeners, bands and myself. FeltSideOut continues to break their own record for highest weekly vote count, of which is no surprise given their overall level of engagement. I am hopeful that the passion and determination they show each week will become infectious for all current and future bands that are part of The NoCoN 9. They have forever set the bar as to what can and should be done. The time will eventu- ally come when they will no longer occupy the top spot on the countdown, but until then they are the standard bearer others hope to meet. Crate Digger Out of Los Angeles CA, Crate Digger is three friends (Wayne Hays, Justin Hische, Chris +[p;p’/ Scott Nocon is the host of the NoCoNsideration Radio Show, Tuesday night at 9pm est on 99WNRR.