Interview by Michael Presti Additional Photos by Jason Adam Photography

WELCOME TO THE ALL-NEW RAVEN’S REVEAL. 99WNRR HOST JACQUI RAVEN DISHES OUT HER TOP DIY ARTISTS YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO. p;p’/ Jacqui Raven is the Queen of all things metal every Sunday night at 6pm est on 99WNRR. Konterra Two Best Friends from High School formed this band and were playing cover bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, just to name a few. Even though Brad, the instrument genius moved away due to his father’s military service, Brad and James kept in constant contact. Konterra’s sound is raw, gritty and face peeling. With Brad’s insane guitar riffs and James’s solid vocals, they have become a huge fan favorite as no song ever sounds the same. From “Silver Lining” to their latest track “Kong”, Konterra has been in the Top 10 of Raven’s Reveal every since their Re- verbnation discovery. Page 68 Concluded ESA: For example, Jonas from Catatonia, what I really do like in catatonia is how they proceed with their acoustic material. I wanted to send him the smaller, emotional, acoustic focus tracks. It worked out great. Dawn Of The Rising Dawn of the Rising from Phoenix, AZ is a five- piece band of brotherhood. In an interview with the band, Lead Vocalist Ray Coon says he writes from the heart, with the hopes that the fans will “feel what I’m am feeling. The fans from Raven’s Reveal have kept their song “Just Broken” in the middle of the pack every week. Formed five years ago, these guys have opened for some major play- ers such as Y & T, Armored Saint and Flotsam & Jetsam. Yep, that’s impressive. ESA: Yeah, I would. I would love to at least do a couple shows there and there. I actually already got contacted by a couple of promoters who would like to arrange a couple shows. But logisti- cally, I think this is a pretty hard task to get all the vocals together. It might be do able on some festivals. But the idea is pretty tempt- ing thing I would love to, to do at least couple shows. But we’ll see. We’ll see in the future. But at the moment as you say, there is no shows yet. So that’s a good time to plan future dates. What do you think of when you take a moment to reflect on the amazing longevity and success of Amorfis? Seasons Richmond Virginia is being represented by 5 guys who can throw down, kick it hard with some serious metal and just all out party. 2017 was the birth for Seasons, but with any band in order to find that nucleus, there are changes that hap- pen. According to Randall lead vocalist, “This line up is a solid as it comes.” Listening to Sea- sons you will hear the deep, kick in your teeth metal that you will want to crank it up more, or throw some major weights around in the gym. Matt, Mark, Nick, Josh and Randall managed to jump 9 spots on the Raven’s Reveal list, a first considering they have been on the list for only 3 weeks. With three major festivals that they are playing this year, this band is defiantly on the “Go See” list. Do you plan on touring with this? Agora Agora have been in existence since 1996 during the peak of pop music. Agora is Greek for a place that you can at an assembly or a market place to your voice can be heard. That was especially true during the Roman era, since speaking out against the government was considered treason. Speaking with Sergio Aguilar, Guitarist for band, he indicat- ed that Agora has always been about “Sticking to their guns during a time that metal was not even something you talked about.” If you have listened to this progressive metal band on Raven’s Reveal, and heard their song “Imperio”, you would completely understand why they have opened for the legends. ESA: Thank you, thank you for the kind words. Yeah, you know we do our best, and our career is pretty long with Amorfis as we’ve been together over 30 years, which is an awfully long time if you think about it. But you know, back in the day we’ve seen ups and downs and we pretty much can’t say we know what to expect. What we do know is we will respect and honor the business and how it works. We are a pretty hard working, hard touring band. We had our years back in the days when we were just waiting for the right tours. We didn’t want to tour that much, but that all changed when Tommy joined the band and enjoyed going on tour. So, with the “Queen of Time” album, I think we played 250 shows probably. Photo Credit: Joe Schaeffer ESA appears courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records. Catch The Jacqui Raven Show every Sunday Night at 6pm est on 99WNRR.