Diamante Continued Even though at that time I was unsure about what was happening. I always kind of knew no mat- ter what, I was going to be forward. We’re not stopping here at this point. What your take on artists lip syncing and bands that play it raw and live? DIAMANTE: I saw Lzzy from Halestorm talk about this actually, not too long ago. And I know that they don’t use any tracks at all, no click, nothing. They just like go in there completely raw. She said it’s that feeling of like, oh my God, if we mess up, we mess up. And that’s that and there’s no curtain. It’s, they are what they are. And that she said..that’s like the most rock and roll thing you can do. So I love that. I think that’s awesome. “Never let anyone keep you down or put you down or make you feel like you’re less than.” - Diamante Do you have an advice for up and coming girls in the industry who have a dream? DIAMANTE: I would say, it’s really important to stand your ground and know what you believe in and know who you are. Trust that and there’s going to be, I think, in all areas of life, so many people telling you how to be what to do. And you kind of have to just stick with your gut because you know what’s best for you at the end of the day. Never let anyone keep you down or put you down or make you feel like you’re less than. What were Sundays at your house like growing up? Was music always in the house? DIAMANTE: Yeah, music was a huge part on both sides of my family. And I remember spending summers in Mexico with my family over there. And it didn’t have to be Sunday night, it could be any night of the week. It was party time, you know, when they’re putting on like Madonna and the Police. They’re all about that ad stuff. So I think that’s why I love the ad so much too, because it kind of reminds me of growing up and all those family hangs and dinners. And my grandfather was a classical pianist, and grand piano in delivering with that house, he was always playing. Photo Credits: Kevin Baldes StillCraft is Mike Geroni (Vocals) Ron ‘Murph’ Murphy (guitars), Charlie Deremer (bass) and Meldon Rake (drums) StillCraft hit the Lehigh Valley music scene with a sound, style and energy that earned them LVMA nominations for Best New Band and Best Loud Rock Band in 2018, and also Outstanding Band and Best Loud Rock Band in 2019. StillCraft’s live performance and sound quickly earned them a reputation for being one of the area’s best hard rock bands. Page 66