What does it mean to you to have 23 Studio Albums ?
JIM : I don ’ t know , it just seemed like it was completely natural to do , and you know , the music was in most cases , coming out fairly easily . So it ’ s trying to make it as fun and as edgy as it could be and it ’ s fresh as it could be . Sometimes we nailed it and sometimes we were close and sometimes we did things people didn ’ t like , but it was still , like you said , there ’ s 23 of them .
You guys broke at the right time in ‘ 82 along with Asia and Rush with Moving Pictures .
Where did you guys get constant inspiration from ? Nobody sounds like Saga .
JIM : Well , that was kind of the thing , and I think when I was growing up it was different than now . It was really important to have your own sound . I remember going to see festivals and you ’ d have Jimi Hendrix and then you ’ d have Chicago play which is a horn band , then a guitar band , a metal band , or reggae band . You know , it ’ s just everybody , nobody was trying to copy anybody or the whole idea was to be different . I always thought that ’ s what you ’ re supposed to do . And when we were working on the first album , I think anytime we thought we had a part that sounded like somebody else , we ’ d kick it out of the song . I think we got rid of quite a few cool bits , but we were concerned that they may remind you of some other band . In doing that , we discovered a few things that I think we do that most bands don ’ t do . We kind of were searching for something that made it unique .
The band was always able to craft a touching song . Was contrast important ?
JIM : I think having contrast was a huge , important thing to me . If I went and saw a band that were amazing players , and they just played fast all night , it was kind of like , after about 10
“ It was really important to have your own sound and I remember going to see festivals and you ’ d have Jimi Hendrix and then you ’ d have Chicago play which is a horn band , then a guitar band , a metal band , or reggae band .“
PEARLMAN CONTINUED pathetic thing before you go stealing more titles that aren’t yours and referring to yourself as more things you only wish you could be: You can work your entire life in your chosen field and someday become the biggest, best and brightest there ever was of whatever it is you do. And that achievement – that very impres- sive achievement – is still so far beneath and so far removed from anything actually “cool” in this world, that you’d rather not even tell anyone what you really are. And instead you’ll tell yourself, and anyone else that will listen, that you’re somehow something else. And that something else is the thing that I live; I breathe; I do; I AM! All of the time. And for as much as you desperately wish it to be, I am that rockstar. Not you. Later, ~dj DJ Pearlman is the writer/singer/guitarist for the hard rock band, REVEL 9. He is the director of the NUTUYU New Music Concert Series and he has a weekly radio show based on music he’s collected called the Hard Rock Lunch Box where he discusses his life and dealings in and around the scene. It airs Thursdays from Noon - 2PM ON Eastern on and replays are available as a podcast at Indiejava BY RTFX 2022 CONCERTS • BUY OR SELL? About two years ago me and six of my closest work friends set out on a mis- sion to procure four tickets to the My Chemical Romance reunion tour for my daughter. After several company hours and four pizzas, which I had to buy be- cause we were working through lunch, one of us finally broke through and was able to just for upper tier tickets at face value. As I presented these tickets to my daughter continued my reign has the coolest dad on the planet. I was reminded of the days are used to drive my bike 5 miles to the closest record store that had a TickeTron machine. TickeTron was the premier way to get tickets for any rock ‘n’ roll show. TickeTron tickets were like finding the holy grail, multicolored, absolutely beautiful with the name of your favorite band printed on them guaranteeing a one to one experience of live right in your face. I remember the days of driving those 5 miles and finding out that all the tickets were sold. I was gutted. It was like someone took a 50 pound weight and stuck it in my backpack. By the time I got home I was mentally and physically exhausted. As I look back on it now I’m so happy and so ecstatic about the pas- sion she has for music. To actually feel ill if you don’t go to the concert. Just like so many other concert goers we all know what happened next. Pan- demic shows up and the shows are pushed back a year, then another year, then another year, we’re now looking at 2022. The question is, how do we trust the system and how do we trust that the band will actually fulfill the contract. Money dictates that the band will fulfill the contract. But the contract can be augmented based on the promoter. Right now these tickets would sell for a kings ransom. I could easily see these tickets going for $400 apiece. Here’s a business possibility that should scare everybody that is holding onto these tickets at any point in time the promotional company i.e. LIVE (rip off everybody) NATION, has the ability to cancel the concert, refund tickets AT FACE VALUE and set up another date, knowing that they can sell the tickets for a much higher price and re-seller market will forever be thankful. CLICK ON OUR AD TO CHECK US OUT! This is why I say with absolute certainty, SELL YOUR TICKETS. Why you may ask because in a year they will cancel or reschedule shows and issue you a face value refund right now your tickets are a commodity they are value be- cause no one knows when we’re gonna be able to get back to concerts full-time sure why do you miss out on a gig fine but at the value that they are out right now you cannot afford to take that chance sell your tickets for God sake’s SELL YOUR TICKETS!