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“I think the biggest problem some bands have is not being honest about what they’re going through.” - Skye Sweetnam ed all the time, you have to be in this world of being able to be accessible somewhat when we get back to being able to get into our next tour cycle. When you can get out there, is there a certain city or ven- ue that you go, “I just can’t wait to get back to that place?” SUMO CYCO: We’ve had some pretty amazing experiences on the road. One of them pops into mind, when you say like a venue that you’re like oh my god, it was so cool to go back to that place. We were lucky enough to go all the way to New Zealand to open up with our friends in a band called Devilskin. They invited us out there to play, and just being able to hear from them and that they’ve been playing concerts for months and months now because they’ve been clear of COVID is amazing. We’ve been watching them on our socials and we’re like, oh, man, we need to go back to New Zealand. It sounds like this amazing island where nobody has COVID and everyone can just party. Have fun. That’s where I want to be right now, a party. They hosted a concert just a couple of days ago. There’s not even social distancing. There’s just no COVID there. Yeah, so they have a full on normal life with normal concerts. They messaged us and invited us to tour with them over there. They know we can’t fly over there legally right now. So right, it’s the idea of touring in New Zealand with Devilskin. They’re really big over there. There, they own their scene. Sumo Cyco appears courtesy of Napalm Records Francesca Ludikar Page 57