going from the standard pop stuff to more of the rock stuff . And now I love the mixing of the two things .
Your new album “ American Dream ” deals a lot with perseverance . Was there something that happened to cause you to deal with the music in this way ?
DIAMANTE : It ’ s actually a pretty crazy story . I was 18 when I first signed with that label . It took probably two or three years from the time I was signed , to the time that the album actually came out . It was a super long process . I toured on that album for a year or so . I was on one of the biggest tours of my life up until that point . It was me , Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace . I ’ m out here playing amphitheatre shows and all that is going on , and I get a call halfway through this tour . My A & R calls and my manager says , “ You know , they decided they ’ re not going to do the second album with you .” I was like , Yeah , that ’ s really funny , what are we really here to talk about ?” And my manager goes ,
“ No , I ’ m being serious , they ’ re not doing the second album ,” and I was like , “ Oh , okay , time to go to plan B .” So at that time , I already had a lot of songs written just because I actually like writing . More people are not telling me to write you know . But if no one ’ s telling you to do something , then I ’ m like , feeling very creative . So I had all these songs in my back pocket . I was shocked . I was confused . But I wasn ’ t necessarily devastated because I knew that I had already built such an incredible fan base , and I had the songs , and no matter what I was going to keep releasing music and playing shows . I was just like , okay , we have got to regroup , we have to find a way to put out another album . Over the last year I ’ ve been working with Howard Benson and Neil from Three Days Grace , and we wrote and recorded this entire body of work , and it ’ s almost here . ( Continued on page 66 )