EVERY MOTHERS NIGHTMARE is back ! RICK RUHL IS Rebuilding bridges and resurrecting the faithful .

American rock band ( EMN ) EVERY MOTHER ’ S NIGHTMARE hails from Memphis , Tennessee and is a quintessential artist that never follows trends doing things their own way . With a music catalog that rises above and is a far cry from their peers , EMN has released six albums that greatly differ from one to the next . Each one telling a story of good times , trouble pasts and life experiences . It has been said that the band “ writes what they live ”. Such is the case with their new studio album ‘ RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL ’ due out October 23 , 2020 on High Vol Music . In a very personal interview with lead vocalist Rick Ruhl , he discusses the early days of band , some mistakes made along the way , re-releasing past music , writing and releasing their first album in year , and the road to resurrect Every Mothers Nightmare .
Photo Credit : EMM Official Facebook
What were the events that led up to you re-issuing the older records and then following that up with brand new music ?
RICK : The biggest thing was , Bill Chavis has always been my number one supporter and fan . We met years ago , and we tried to work with each other . He has been the driving force in re-issuing older albums and the new record . We ’ re building bridges and in some cases re-building older ones . He wanted to rebuild the entire timeline of this band .
These tracks seem to come from a real personal place ?
RICK : It ’ s probably the first real organic record we ’ ve ever done . All of the pieces are right here in front of me just to to pick and choose from and God gave me the luck of word on here because I don ’ t write anything down . I ’ ve got dyslexia so bad and it ’ s hard to read stuff . So everything out of this , it just came out of me in the studio . It is probably the most genuine thing I ’ ve written about . Everything on there is real , everything . I watched it unfold and happen , tried to make it obscure enough so it wouldn ’ t hurt anybody ’ s feelings . Don ’ t get me wrong , there ’ s many good things that happened on there too . I can talk about the writing of this record forever because all of the song ideas just blew me away . They just hit me , and when you get one of those moments , you know , they ’ re few and far in between , when it all just falls into place . It just comes out of the air and lands in your head . It ’ s a beautiful thing .
It ’ s so ironic that an introspective song called “ Breathe ” on the new record , comes out in a pandemic .
RICK : It was a little bit of that was happening because , you know , we went on a three year run . We were playing for three years straight , then the COVID thing happened . So I ( Continued on next page )
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