PJ FARLEY returns with second solo effort , a new album with “ RA ” TOURS with “ FOZZY ” and ERIC martin . PJ FARLEY is workin ’ man !

In 1989 bassist PJ Farley joins the with up-and-coming New Jersey sensation , Trixter and immediately inks a deal with MCA / Mechanic Records . Soon after the bands debut release , they become the darlings of MTV and is direct support on tours with Kiss and The Scorpions With the introduction of grunge in the 90 ’ s , the band was dropped by the label . After forming new projects with his Trixter bandmate Steve Brown , PJ joins the LA based band Ra . They immediately score a hit with “ Do You Call My Name ” Since then PJ has released two successful solo records , 2017 ’ s “ Boutique Sound Frames ” and 2020 ’ s “ Accent the Change .” I sit down and talk to fellow Jersey bassist about the Jersey club days , and one of the hardest working men in the business .
Photo Credit : PJ Farley Social Media
Was creating “ Accent the Change ” different from your first solo record ?
PJ : I did this record all over the place . I worked with Sahaja , from RA on like four of the songs . The Los Angeles guys we ’ re involved a bunch . I did a song in Nashville and some songs in Michigan and also in the Detroit area . I did two up at Steve Brown ’ s house here in Jersey . So yeah , I kind of wanted to get out and just work with different people . It was very similar to the last process where I was recording songs as I wrote them . I wasn ’ t tracking down a record . It wasn ’ t on a schedule or anything . When I write them , I gotta get ‘ em out of my head and record them before I can really fully commit to writing anything else . My hard drive is full I have to clean it up . When I started recording the songs , I got halfway to an album so I figured why not do a whole record . I was over the hump and halfway done with record at that point . So I guess I just kept going .
Did you find that there were any changes happening with the record , sonically ?
PJ : At the end of the day , I know exactly what I want . I know exactly how it should sound . So I knew anybody I was going to work with was going to just be able to get that sound for me , and get across what I was hearing . Everyone I worked with , I ’ ve worked with before , in some way , shape or form . So I knew that they would know where I was coming from the start . I wasn ’ t really looking so much to change the sound . I did want to think outside the box a little bit more and get some input musically . Bounce things off of other people as opposed to having to just do everything myself . I wrote all the songs and everything , pretty much knew how the parts should be , and laid everything out . I could explain to them how I ’ m hearing the song and they would add interpretations . ( Continued on next page )