The debut album of SILVER LAKE by ESA HOLOPAINEN is available on May 28th via Nuclear Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH and comes not only with the legendary guitar riffs of Esa Holopainen from AMORPHIS , one of Finland ’ s biggest guitarists and metal songwriters , but also seven famous rock and metal vocalists such as Jonas Renkse ( Katatonia ), Einar Solberg ( Leprous ), Björn “ Speed ” Strid ( Soilwork ), Anneke Van Giersbergen and many more , that dive you into a world of catchy , progressive metal masterpieces that breathe the beauty and melancholy of Finland .
How did this solo project come about and when did you start on it ?
ESA : This started around a year ago , when the lockdown started . When we started to realize that there isn ’ t going to be any tours or any shows anywhere . A good friend of mine who runs a studio here in Helsinki , a producer himself , contacted me and asked if I would like to start the solo project now that it seems to be a good time for that . I was like , yeah , why not ? I had already had a couple of songs on my hardware that I haven ’ t used . It ’ s different from Amorphis , but I liked them a lot . So , I played them to Nino my friend , the producer . He convinced me that I should definitely apply and they are really good .
What inspired you ? Was is because of the times we are all going through ?
ESA : I guess you could say in a way that the lockdown inspired me . As I didn ’ t have anything else to do . That just meant I could focus on this album and the material . It ’ s a task to write for different vocalists because every one of these great singers have their own unique voice , which always operates on a different range . With Amorphis , it ’ s more natural to write because I know how Tommy sings and in which range he ’ s working . So , it ’ s the starting keys . the musical keys that are always pretty much the same . But this was a different case . It ’ s like each song had its own little challenges and each song was like its own little project . You know what I mean ? Because I have an older vocalist where we ’ re working on the different keys so that was a task , but luckily I had alot of time . I think it took like half a year to
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