“ It ’ s mind blowing . So when she was eight she painted this one and I immediately knew this my album cover .” - PJ Farley
It seemed like you got on the cycle and then you start working with Chris Jericho , and now your in Fozzy ? PJ : I ’ ve been really lucky . It seems like whenever one thing slows down something always comes up , whether it was Lita starting up again , or Eric Martin , I was doing both at same time . Then Chris Jericho calls last year . We started Kuarantine , a KISS tribute project , From then it turned into me joining Fozzie permanently . Now I have RA together again , with a new record . I ’ ve seen a pattern forming here .
How cool was it to use your daughter ’ s artwork as the as the album cover ?
PJ : My daughter was in this painting phase . She ’ s an artist , and she draws , paints and loves to create . She ’ s a gamer girl and an artist , typical in the truest form . She said “ Oh , my God , that ’ s just great , It ’ s crap .” “ It only took me five seconds . “ She was obsessed with painting and drawing eyes . She sketches them . There ’ s the shading and everything . So it ’ s mind blowing . When she was eight she painted this one and I immediately knew this my album cover . I didn ’ t tell her because I knew that she probably would flip out and yell at me or something like that . I was going to wait till I handed her the actual CD . Maybe that ’ ll make it seem cooler . So when I finally gave her the CD , she ’ s like , “ Why would you use this one ? I made like , 20 of these . This is dollar store paint !” I told her , look your on iTunes and Amazon and you ’ re , you know , you ’ re all over the place . “ Why would you go through your eight year olds painting job ? Why did you do that ? It took me like 5 minutes .”
Photo Credit : Scott Duissa
I still love it . Everybody loves it .
PJ Farley appears courtesy of HighVolMusic
Photo credit : Jason Adam Photography


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