DIAMANTE TAKES CONTROL and opens up about new independent RELEASE , “ American Dream ”.

As a teenager , the Boston-raised and Los Angeles-based Mexican-Italian-American siren Diamante , spent her nights cutting her teeth at local gigs on the LA ’ s famed Sunset Strip . In 2018 she released her first full length album “ Coming In Hot ” which spawned two hits singles “ Haunted ” and the sultry single “ I ’ m Sorry ”, sung both in English and Spanish . After several successful tours supporting the release , she was surprisingly dropped by her record label in the middle of the tour . Since that moment she has been firing off some the best music she has written , leading up to her first independent album American Dream due in May . Jacqui Raven with an exclusive interview with Diamante .
Photo Credit : Alyson Coletta
How did you get started in the industry ?
DIAMANTE : I ’ ve been singing my whole entire life , ever since I can remember . I was locked up in my room for hours just singing along to my favorite albums . When I was like nine or 10 years old , I auditioned for the part of Sandy in my school musical “ Grease ,” and I got the lead part . I grew up a super shy kid , so for me to be a lead in a musical I thought to myself , what am I doing ? I loved it so much I just kept doing little senior stuff here and there . Then , my whole family moved to LA from Boston when I was 12 . I joined up for a School of Rock summer camp , and that ’ s how I discovered rock music . I got to cover Led Zeppelin , Black Sabbath and Blondie and all of these amazing bands that I had never even heard of before . I was about 12 or 13 singing this rock music and went whoa , I want to do this . This is rad . So I started booking shows on the Sunset Strip and I was playing The Whiskey and The Roxy , and forcing my high school friends to come out .
Do you still have a little bit of that shyness ? Or do you have a little bit of anxiety before you still go on ?
DIAMANTE : So the funny thing is , I don ’ t really have anxiety before going on stage . It ’ s more like I can ’ t wait to do this . I transform into this self actualized , fully realized version of Diamante when I hit the stage . I become the coolest parts of me ever . That ’ s why I love doing it so much . Offstage , if I don ’ t know you that well , I can come off really shy and reserved . People would ask why am I being so quiet . That ’ s just how I am , and that ’ s when I ’ m like , man , I wish I could be more like I am on stage .
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