One of the hardest things to do while working in the industry is to have a level of contentment . So many get caught up in the machine and forget the reason they went into the music business in the first place . Passion . Former American Idol James Durbin reaches back to his past and recalls his metal roots to create his most ambitious release yet . It ’ s daring and heavy while being slightly tongue and cheek about the heyday of classic heavy metal in the realm of Dio , Iron Maiden and Judas Priest . Still , he never forgets where he came from and the inspiration he continues to be for so many aspiring children and musicians with disabilities .
This album is a departure from what you ’ ve done , but it goes back to your Hollywood Scars metal roots .
JD : After I made my departure from Quiet Riot , The first email in my inbox was from Frontiers Records , the label QR is with and they were interested in continuing to make music together . I had done 3 albums with my time in QR , “ Road Rage ”, “ One Night in Milan ” and “ Hollywood Cowboy .” They knew what I was capable of , which songs I wrote and which songs I didn ’ t . They also knew the limitations I was under with those albums . I asked them what kind of album do you want me to make ? And instead they said we are interested in what kind of album you want to make . I was like , this is my label right here . I told them I wanted to do a classic power 80 ’ s metal record , along the lines of Dio and Judas Priest with a little Iron Maiden in there . There is a lot of Dio / Sabbath , Tony Martin / Sabbath in there as well . There is a specific weight that this type of music has , the kind that Ronnie James Dio made and performed . That ’ s the specific sound that I equate with . It ’ s also something I don ’ t hear being continued or replicated in this day and age of metal . I just thought , why not try my hand at that and write it myself .
The track Prince of Metal has that classic old school Iron Maiden feel .
JD : You know I ’ ve heard that , but I went back and listened to the songs and the only thing I can think of is probably the tempo or the cadence in the verse . Which was not on purpose ( chuckles ). There are only 12 notes to choose and so many tempos that feel right , but I mean , hell , who cares , it ’ s Iron Maiden .
It seems like you ’ re having a lot of fun on this record , a few tongue & cheek references .
JD : To begin with , it was just before the pandemic hit so I had reached out ( Continued on next page )
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