WELCOME TO THE ALL NEW RAVEN’S REVEAL. 99WNRR HOST JACQUI RAVEN DISHES OUT HER TOP DIY ARTISTS YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO. their own distinct sound that mesh so well, mesh loud and mesh seriously HEAVY! With such songs as “Insomniac” and “Modern Testament” to make your ears bleed, I promise you this band from Virginia will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Again, they have only been around for a year and a half and have accomplished so much. Lady and Gents, welcome to Raven’s Reveal. Jacqui Raven is the Queen of all things metal every Sunday night at 6pm est on 99WNRR. Unveil The Strength Braincell Trivium, Lamb of God, Drowning Pool, All That Remains are just a few of the nationally known bands that these 5 brothers of metal from Lynch- burg, Virginia have opened for. For those who know your metal, these bands indeed are no slouch. With songs such as “See Me”, “Deceit of Memory” and “Slaughter” you cannot help but notice the power and rawness with each song. Joe, DJ, Richard, Will and Steve combine death metal, progressive and of course some serious heavy metal into each of their performances. Talking to these guys, one word that sticks out: Humble. Each of them brings a unique quirkiness that blends into cohesiveness. If you can believe, Braincell has been around since 2013, but with all of the lineup changes they have nailed the cur- rent one. Since joining Raven’s Reveal these guys Dying Oath The year 2020 has seen many bands get cre- ative with how they reach their fans consider- ing our global pandemic. Dying Oath has man- aged some serious accomplishments in a short amount of time, considering the band has only been around for a year and a half. How about: Winning two Battle of The Band contests, had 3 label offers, 10 endorsements and were Voted #4 in the Viewer’s Choice Top 100. Yes, they are that good. Listening to the band will have you taking notice to classically trained screamer, Mindy Jackson, Jeb Baxley with his sultry clean vocals, Josh Hagee on Lead Guitar, Ryan En- dicott on Rhythm Guitar, Ryan Matney on Bass and Gage Freeman on Drums who each have Continued She wanted to post a video of Eddie on her Facebook page, and she decided to use the video for “Jump” to say her farewell to the King. We were watching the video on her phone, and both of us were teary eyed. She just looked at me and said: “He was always so happy when he was playing.” I wept like a baby. Because that’s the message. No matter what it is that you love to do, do it because you love it. Not because you have ulterior motives. These are the things that keep us sane. The things that help us cope with life, the things that keep us from jumping off of something tall. That is art in the purest form. That’s when it is truth. THAT is what I took from King Edward. Not the party, not the two handed tapping (though of course I stole some of that, we all did) and the whammy bar pyrotechnics. He was always so happy. Like he was looking around going “I can’t believe I get to do this.” The love of playing. Because no matter if he was playing to ten thousand people, or all by himself, he’d be doing just that. “Keep playin’, man. Gotta keep playin’.” have not only gained with popularity and but with new fans as well. Just listen to one their song’s, I guarantee you will become a fan too. p;p’/ A Farewell To The King Hard, raw and completely unapologetically metal. That is Austin Texas based band Unveil the Strength. With such songs as Hell’s Never Over and War In- side Us All, you can hear and feel the total power in each song as lead singer Mark Wolfe is literally in your face. Sitting down recently and talking to Mark, I felt as we were kindred spirits as we shared our love of all things military, life and mental ill- ness. In fact, “The End of Heartache” is about that very subject. If this song doesn’t touch your soul, I don’t know what will. If you have not heard of this powerhouse, you need them in your music rotation. (Continued on next page) It’s the best way to honor him. The best way to thank him for all that was given. The way to repay that cosmic debt-you do something for the love of it. No matter what that thing is for you that gives you joy. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Ever. It’s what feeds your soul, in those times when life seems to be too much to bear. F4F Continued and then I went and researched all kinds of Social Media marketing. My band had over 5000 page likes, and about 2 maybe 3 likes per post, and zero comments. Through re- search and changes made through what I learned I was able to remove much of the dead weight which dropped us back down to 900 page likes. Then I was able to use more effective techniques to build our page back up to over 2500 followers, and engaged followers. I’m now used to getting 15 to 30 likes, reactions and comments to my band’s page posts. We have new page likes every week from people that like what we do, and listen to our music, and engage with what we do. In the end, you’re better off learning how to run effective Facebook Ad cam- paigns and bringing in a smaller following with better engagement. As an analogy… Photo Credit: Joe Schaeffer You’d be better off playing a 100 seat venue with 50 crazed fans than playing Wembley Stadium with 2 people in the seats. Oh, and sending out a friend request to then make your first interaction with your ‘new friend’ an invite to like your band page. This is just plain annoying. Nothing says “Look at me, person I care nothing about” as this. If you’re in a band there is nothing to say you can’t like another, but if a certain band is not your thing you shouldn’t follow them. Without engagement you’re only dead weight. If you want to network with other bands it is better to do that through personal accounts. And no… I’m no genius or expert. But I have seen how to make improvements on a flawed social media strategy. While social media will doubtfully provide your big break, if used right it can become an effective way to build an audience that you can then mar- ket to when more traditional methods may not be accessible or available. Views of the artists or writer do not necessarily reflect the views of Total Order Magazine or 99WNRR.