Interview by Michael Presti Photo by Scott Duissa

Do you like producing a record or it that out of necessity? TOLI: If we are talking about myself, I’m like 50/50. It’s a perfect balance for me, I really love producing as well as I love writing. Sometimes, I feel like I love producing more than writing. Our guitarist Danny, he’s a big writer, and he’s always trying to write any instrumentals. I feel like I’m not as consistent. I’m always changing my tastes you know. Like sometimes I’m writing for a couple of months, sometimes I’m producing for a couple of months. I don’t know why but this is my problem. Or is it good? I don’t know. What music are you listening to these days for inspiration? TOLI: I listened to way more music when I was 23 or 21. Right now I feel like I’m pretty tired of that because it’s a huge amount of music right now. Like every single day on every streaming platform you hear something new and probably I don’t feel comfortable in this world right now because, I feel more comfortable when I’m really paying atten- tion to just one song in general for like a week or a month you know. So right now I’m trying to get inspiration from movies more than music I don’t know why. Can you ever see yourself scoring a film? TOLI: Actually we never got that experience before but I think it would be so good, I know who we are and we could absolutely do this maybe sometime in the future I would definitely like to do that because this is kind of a dream of mine, like a small dream, I would definitely do that. What is the one thing you miss most about not being able to do a lot of live shows and travel? TOLI: Oh man, everything! Right now I miss everything because we al- ways release an album and we would just get any attention from the fans right after the release. Right now we just release an album and we wait for the feedback, because we can’t talk to the fans personally playing live shows, so I miss everything. I miss traveling, I miss the new places to see, I miss the parties and the hotels for sure. I miss the shows tons because my favorite part of being a musician is live. Because of the shows right now, I can’t wait to finish this hell of a year. I think the concert industry just got hurt more than anything because it’s a huge amount of people in a small venue so that’s the reason why we are hurt more than restaurants. It’s pretty sad. I just watched the Architects live show Sunday, and I was really inspired and I can’t wait to go back to the stage. OK, what movies tend to inspire your songwriting? TOLI: My favorite movie is Inception, but as we just wrote the instrumental for the song Event Ho- rizon, I just realized and asked the guys, “Do you feel the space atmosphere and mood?” Definitely need to put some connection to the interstellar and we just put one phrase, one line inside the lyr- ics. I just really love to make some notes or any interesting parts of a song that is connected to any movies, so probably yes for the last 5 or 10 years, my favorite director is Christopher Nolan. StillCraft is Mike Geroni (Vocals) Ron ‘Murph’ Murphy (guitars), Charlie Deremer (bass) and Meldon Rake (drums) StillCraft hit the Lehigh Valley music scene with a sound, style and energy that earned them LVMA nominations for Best New Band and Best Loud Rock Band in 2018, and also Outstanding Band and Best Loud Rock Band in 2019. StillCraft’s live performance and sound quickly earned them a reputation for being one of the area’s best hard rock bands. Page 69