“ We ’ re thankful for the opportunity to connect with people and if it ’ s one fan at a time that ’ s good with me . “
Yeah , to me it signifies the birth of something . You ’ re going through a challenging journey and you ’ re about to be born into this new experience , this new life . And I liked that so we honed in on it . It was unique and good . Part spiritual , part meaningful , and of course there was the poop jokes that we all have internally to go along with it . I was ok with that . I think it carried enough meaning .
How did you get hooked up with the music scene in the area ?
MICAH : We moved , my wife and all our kids , we moved up to PA 4 years ago , it was
April 2016 and we didn ’ t know anybody . My wife was like you gotta start a band , you ’ re music ’ s great . “ Go start a band .” So we just started going to open mics and playing and just started connecting with musicians . I didn ’ t realize the Lehigh Valley had this huge music scene . We didn ’ t really have much of anything up here in Stroudsburg , so I just started getting connected to all the musicians down there . I was a total newb . I hadn ’ t been in a band in like 20 years and even when I was , there was no marketing . It was just a garage band . The people in the Lehigh Valley have always been great to us , and you just start making connections and it was just like Lehigh Valley and Pittsburgh .
We just got connected with so many people . It ’ s been awesome .
What are some of the things you draw from to write songs like “ Will I Make It Home ” and “ After The Fall ” that people connect with so easily ?
MICAH : Yeah it ’ s a good question , and Ace probably has some thoughts on this as well . Part of it is , the way that I write , I don ’ t even necessarily start with an idea . It always kind of starts with a feeling . I always feel like when I ’ m writing it ’ s kind of like being
“ We ’ re thankful for the opportunity to connect with people and if it ’ s one fan at a time that ’ s good with me . “
PEARLMAN CONTINUED pathetic thing before you go stealing more titles that aren’t yours and referring to yourself as more things you only wish you could be: You can work your entire life in your chosen field and someday become the biggest, best and brightest there ever was of whatever it is you do. And that achievement – that very impres- sive achievement – is still so far beneath and so far removed from anything actually “cool” in this world, that you’d rather not even tell anyone what you really are. And instead you’ll tell yourself, and anyone else that will listen, that you’re somehow something else. And that something else is the thing that I live; I breathe; I do; I AM! All of the time. And for as much as you desperately wish it to be, I am that rockstar. Not you. Later, ~dj DJ Pearlman is the writer/singer/guitarist for the hard rock band, REVEL 9. He is the director of the NUTUYU New Music Concert Series and he has a weekly radio show based on music he’s collected called the Hard Rock Lunch Box where he discusses his life and dealings in and around the scene. It airs Thursdays from Noon - 2PM ON Eastern on and replays are available as a podcast at Indiejava BY RTFX BURNT BOTTOM OF THE uRN. In a time where there is so much discontent and mistrust in the world, people feel that we need to pull back, soften the tone and be a kinder, gentler RTFX. When is comes to the level of quality of artists populating the internet airwaves and social media, on the whole, I confess myself dis- appointed. Not in the fact that people aren’t trying to achieve their dream, as much as the manner they are going about it. Artists, I am now speaking to you directly. Do you take your career seriously? Do you want people like popular stations to play your music? For podcasts to talk about your band and magazines to publish your picture? THEN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP PUTTING OUT CRAPPY SONGS WITH CRAPPY RECORDINGS WITH A PICTURE OF YOUR FRIGGIN DOG AS A PROFILE PICTURE! For every incredible band that is working their ass off and doing things correctly there are 300 of you that aren’t putting the time in, learning about the business and perfecting your craft. What is so upsetting is that we are in the age of technology where you can do anything to make yourself look and sound good. Nothings really changed since the 70’s and 80’ s, there is just alot more technology. Now this is just a true rant in a buried section of a magazine that tailors to a specific genre of music. I get that. Understand this and understand it real hard, you want to complain about rock music being a form of music that no one cares about and that the scene is dead, then understand that YOUR UNPROFESSIONAL, UNPREPARED, SOCIAL MEDIA WHORES, CLICK ON OUR AD TO CHECK US OUT! WHO POSE AS BANDS ARE THE REASON THAT EVERY ONE IS TURNED OFF ON ROCK MUSIC. Once you guys go back to the garage and start really working on your craft and show, then maybe, just maybe we can rebuild it. Until that time, realize that YOU, YES YOU are the reason for the decline of the perception of rock music. GET TO WORK! Views of the artists or writer do not reflect the views of Total Order Magazine or 99WNRR.