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“People would think that I made that (I can’t breathe) part for George Floyd, which I’m happy it’s like a voice for that, but I wrote it four years ago. I was talking about something totally different.” ed and attacking. Then after “Flagged Channel” I had been on tours and stuff and learned how I’m supposed to build it up and do that. So that’s how I attack this album now. I want you to get that live feeling from these tracks, then that’s how I would perform them. How much of the current situation of civil unrest played into the lyrical content for “We Believe?” HYRO: Well the thing is, I wrote “We Be- lieve” lyrics four years ago. I had shown it to my manager when I was just thinking of what we’re gonna do and who would produce. I said “I got this song, man, it’s kind of dope”. Mark from Taking Back Sunday had made a beat for me ‘cause he had made a lot of dope beats and he wanted me to rap on stuff. So he made that beat like four years ago and I rapped “We Be- lieve” lyrics on it. I just held it for a long time and never did anything with it. When I brought it back around we said “oh man,” let’s update it and take it to Matt Good. Matt Good updated the beat then I put the lyrics down and then he switched around the chorus a little bit to give it that melody you were talking about, give it that melody that people could enjoy. And then Da- vid Draiman heard it and loved it and added on to it. So it’s crazy with the “I can’t breathe” and all that stuff, it’s like wow this is really… it took on a whole other thing, you know what I’m saying? Like people would think that I made that “I can’t breathe” part for George Floyd, which I’m happy it’s like a voice for that, but also I made it four years ago so I was talking about something totally different when I said “I can’t breathe” but it turned into that. When you hear that somebody puts your kind of music in a genre, what goes across your mind? HYRO: It doesn’t really bother me too much because that’s just how the mind works. They’re gonna compare it to something no matter what. Especially in this day when we got everything right at our fingertips from the past and everything. You can search up any bands, search up anything, and these people left so many legacies in certain genres that you’re gonna get compared or fit into a category no matter what. Once I rap it’s like “oh It’s fucking Rage Against The Machine” you know? You can’t really do anything about that. I just want to try to put a stamp, make my own name for myself. Once people hear things they’re always “oh that sounds like…” (Continued on page 72)