COMMONWEALTH Quartet THE CROWNING , DIG DEEP to create one of the best SONGS of 2020 ! MORE MUSIC IN 2021 !

They say that you you can only know a person by truly walking in their shoes . In the case of Micah Martin and his band The Crowning from the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania , they are shoes that very few could ever fill . While tragedy dealt a serious blow to the future of anything musical the band would do , they took a message of perseverance and hope to the masses with amazing new songs and a track that can only be described as “ chilling ”. To go deep into ones psyche to understand where a song comes from is one thing , but to understand how to survive and thrive through tragedy is all about some ones heart and soul . THIS is what embodies the songs of The Crowning .
The Crowning can mean a myriad of different things . What does The Crowning mean for you guys ?
The Crowning
MICAH : Basically how it came about , we were really struggling with coming up with names . At the time it was me , Ace , Walter and Ty , and they had a myriad of really horrible names . I didn ’ t know what to name the band at the time but I didn ’ t want something kind of weird and just stupid . I wanted to name the band at the time I was thinking like Five Acre or Acre , or something along those lines . But some of those were already taken and that ’ s why we ended up naming the festival out of it . We were sitting in the studio recording our first couple of songs and we were talking about … you know I have seven kids and there was conversations around child birthing and pooping and those kinds of things . Somebody had mentioned the word crowning and I was like “ The Crowning ” and to me it was really about the birth of a new thing , the birth of a new idea . Childbirth is a tough experience . ( Continued on the next page )
EXCLUSIVE VETERAN NU METAL RAPPER HYRO THE HERO returns after 2018’s “BULLET” with HARD-HITTING CHART-BREAKING, STATEMENT TRACKS! Like the street prophets before him, Hyro the Hero had his eyes open for the past few years while crafting tracks like “We Believe” and “Fight”. The tracks speak to what was happening within the American consciousness well before the protests of 2020. To know and understand the pain before it rises to the surface of the transparent social media takes guts and an insight that few possess. David Draiman from Disturbed and Chad Gray from Hellyeah add their flavor and their name to make sure these powerful lyrics do not fall upon deaf ears. What’s the difference between something like “Bullet” and this song when it comes to you writing the melody? Photo Credit: Hyro The Hero Facebook Page 56 HYRO: Oh man, Bullet‘s style is, you know, I’ve just been learning along the way. I’ve been doing this for a long time and learning on the way. I really like just attacking the mic and screaming, you know, really just putting in lots and lots of emotion. But sometimes there’s some- thing to be said when you kind of hold back a little bit to build up in a song and have some dy- namic factors in. So that’s what I’ve been learn- ing along the way. That’s how you make a real “song” song. And you know getting with David Draiman you learn these different things. I got with Matt Good on producing that one, and we wanted something that kind of wired the audi- ence with a big message and have all those dy- namic factors. You know, chilling back.. then I get harder, then you know.. come in with some singing and stuff like that. So I tried my voice out singing. It sounded dope, and David Draiman added to it. You can tell the difference in that. You know what I’m saying? I have other songs coming that attack a little bit more, and more of my style like real hard, heavy style, but I wanted something just different to come out this time around and I’m glad that was the one that we put out, and David Draiman got involved with it. What is a clear creative difference between this track and the “Flagged Channel” release? HYRO: When I went to do “Flagged Channel” I didn’t really have tours before, I wouldn’t do them. I was working on my album. I wanted to imagine it live, so “Flagged Channel” is me imagining live Continued on next spread. HTH Facebook HTH Instagram HTH Website Buy HTH Music Photo Credit: Hyro The Hero Facebook Page 57 67 Page