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TOTAL INSIDER DEATH METAL ICON Anders Odden RETURNS WITH FIRST NEW CADAVER ALBUM IN OVER 16 years. VOWS TO keep cadaver music coming. After 16 years one of the legends of Death Metal returns after a battle with cancer with brand new music. Founder Anders Odden and Dirk Verbeuren release Edder & Bile, a masterclass redemption release. Your synonymous with being a legend in metal for a while now. What does that mean to you at this point in your career? Photo Credit: Anders Odden Official Facebook ANDERS: I would have to say it’s very humbing. I dont really look at myself like that. I am just a part of a bigger scene and just trying to carve out my own place, but it’s a good place to be in. I always feel like we are the underdogs, so i’m never taking anything for granted. We are always trying to build things up, but this time, I’m not leaving again that’s for sure. There’s a different attitude. I learned a lot by being in other famous bands as well as being in my own. You learn the do’s and don’ts to become more of the perfect person. How much did meeting Dirk in 2014 influence you on bringing Cadaver back? ANDERS: It was something I had been thinking about. One key obstacle was to find the right musical partner and the right drummer. I thought Necrosis’ music is so drum driven and how good the drummer was. If you have one of the best drummers in the world then you can have one of the best bands in the world and it’s that easy and that difficult, so to speak. I have been very fortunate to work with amazing mu- sicians all my life. My threshold for thinking something is great may be higher than oth- ers. That’s why I never take light on anything. I always like to be ahead of the curve so to speak, and him being an old fan of the music and being one of the best drummers in the world and want- ing to play with me, is just a phenomenal mix. I just couldn’t walk away from it because sud- denly it all made sense. (Continued on next Cadaver Facebook Cadaver Twitter Cadaver Website Buy Cadaver Music Photo Credits: Hannah Verbeuren Page 56 Page 57 49 Page