Symphonic metal legend Simone Simons on the BRAND NEW RELEASE “ OMEGA ”, the industry , more time for motherhood , change for the new year and her thoughts on 2020 .

Interview by Michael Presti
“ We all grew up thinking that metal rock stars are larger than life and there was something charming about that.” I know, you would have to stream something 200,000 time to get the cost of what one purchase of a re- cord would be, that’s NEVER going to happen. Which is more difficult for metal bands because metal has always been consumed in an album form, NOT a singles form. WOLF: That’s right! Metal is one of the last communities to hold on to the physical sales and we are super grateful for that because I can see on the meet and greets that people buy their stuff in hard copy to get signed. They might still stream it but they want it as part of their collection. Metal fans are the greatest fans. Did you hear they are now going to come out with cassettes again? The past 5 Accept albums will be available as cassettes. I thought, that’s pretty awesome! Reverbnation ® and The Launch Pad Live ® congratulates CRYSTAL IGNITE whose song BLACK MAMBA was selected as the number #1 for 2020. Vote for her latest hit “Heed (A Call for Unity)” in this Mondays Launch Pad Live Fan Vote on Facebook So much of that is part of the mystique that metal bands have. Even with symphonic metal bands carrying the torch now, does it seems to you that metal bands are a dying breed? - Wolf Hoffmann to it. You don’t want to reveal everything. In these days it’s so strange because it is always changing. Everybody wants you to post all the videos all the time. Sharing everything with the fans, so it does take away from that for sure. In leu of touring what are you guys doing to support the record. WOLF: I mean we could have postponed everything, We have such great hardcore fans that would love this record no matter when we put it out, but its been already 4 years since out last release and we wanted to get it out to them. We have no idea when we can tour, so we just released it so the fans can enjoy it. I don’t think we’ll do a live stream because our shows are so dependent on the audience be- ing there. It would feel strange to play to a bunch of cameras without any audience participation. I mean we’ve already done live DVD’s so there no value in doing that. Photo Credit: Scott Duissa WOLF: We all grew up thinking that metal rock stars are larger than life and there was something charming about that. Now everybody streams from their sofa and its takes away from that mys- tique. I mean its not all supposed to be all fake and fantasy, I mean we’re all real people, but at the same time I still like the old way because of that reason. I think keeping that certain amount of anonymity fueled the passion for purchase. WOLF: I agree! It’s called show business. A certain amount of mystique and facade belongs Page 45